Foster Care Services in San Benito County
Located at 124 River Road, Salinas, CA 93908

Therapeutic Foster Care, Short-term Foster Care and Medically Fragile Foster Care (STAR Program)

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Foster parents are prepared and continually supported to provide foster family care for children of any age. Sibling groups are placed together whenever possible. Services provided by Kinship Center include specialized training for parents, individualized services for each child, ongoing professional support, and the friendship and support of other foster and adoptive families providing the same valuable care to children. Parents in the STAR Medically Fragile Foster Care program receive enhanced foster care funding rates and enhanced resources to meet the extraordinary needs of the children in their care. Parents providing short-term foster care may have the child(ren) for no more than a few days or for up to six months or more.

Samuel's Story
Both of samuel's parents were drug users, and the seven-year-old was frequently left on his own...
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