From Place to Place is the feature documentary that is sweeping the nation and taking the child welfare community by storm. The film follows modern day heroes Mandy and Raif for two years after they age out of America’s foster care system, find their voice and set out to change the system that raised them. Despite their personal struggles, they are determined to not only survive, but to make a difference. Mandy is a fiercely determined, incredibly smart and well spoken young woman who earns her GED, makes the Dean’s List and works full time to make ends meet. Raif is equally determined, smart and talented, but he lives to the streets and hops trains, crisscrossing the country in search of love, happiness and belonging. Together, this plucky odd couple takes their stories and the power of their voice to the home of America’s foster care system, Capitol Hill, where they tip the scales and set in a motion a chain of events that will lead to comprehensive child welfare reform. The film also highlights innovative child welfare professionals such as permanency expert Kevin Campbell, trauma expert Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Max Baer. The film is a great training, education and advocacy tool for professionals, while also appealing to a general audience.

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