Wendy's Wonderful Kids Program

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, a program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, is making a difference for thousands of children—one child at a time. The Foundation awards grants to public and private adoption agencies to hire adoption professionals who implement proactive, child-focused recruitment programs targeted exclusively on moving America’s longest-waiting children from foster care into adoptive families. The Dave Thomas Foundation has a philanthropic partnership with Wendy's Corporation and franchises to fund the Wendy's Wonderful Kids program.

Kinship Center has a long-standing partnership with Wendy’s Wonderful Kids to recruit adoptive families for children in Los Angeles County with the most profound needs. Kinship Center trains and supports families to understand the unique needs of children with the scars of past trauma, and to enable them to develop specific parenting skills to build a successful family.

Recently released research from a five-year evaluation of Wendy’s Wonderful Kids shows that children referred to the program are up to three times more likely to get adopted. Read the full research results.

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