Alonzo and José, ages 4 and 7, lived in a car in North Salinas because their mother, Anna, had no money for housing. She would leave the children for hours to search for odd jobs, as the family had no home since the death of Anna’s mother. Anna’s depression and inability to organize her life eventually left her unable to care for her two young children.

After Anna’s multiple run-ins with the law, the children were referred to Kinship Center. Kinship Center social workers made sure that the children received pediatric care, adequate clothing, food, and a safe temporary family. In the meantime, Anna received the mental health services she so desperately needed.

Currently, both children are seen in therapy together at Kinship Center’s D’Arrigo Children’s Mental Health Clinic to help them heal from the trauma and confusion they experienced. They are in a loving foster home and are doing well.

Anna has been clean and sober for the past year through participation in Alcoholics Anonymous. She’s been joining her children in therapy twice per month so they can begin working on reintegrating their family. The foster family welcomes Anna to visit her children as often as she can; Alonzo and José are always so happy to see her. The children will return home as soon as suitable housing is available, and Kinship Center has made a commitment to remain a resource to this family after they are reunited.

Every year Kinship Center helps more than 1,600 children and their families find new beginnings through foster care, adoption, kinship care, and mental health services at our Salinas and King City Child and Family Development Centers. These life-changing outcomes for local children and families are a direct result of our loyal and generous community.

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