Ten-year old Renee has always dreamed of being a drummer..

The 5th grader lives with her grandparents and has struggled to find her place in the world and something she can be good at. Her grandparents struggle to stretch their limited income to meet the needs of the two grandchildren they are raising.

Kinship Center staff recognized the difference that having a special skill and the chance to pursue a dream would make in Renee's life, and they submitted a grant request to the Change a Life Foundation on Renee's behalf.

The Foundation, which recently honored Kinship Center with a "Most Impactful Grants" Award, provided a grant to purchase a drum set and lessons for Renee. And this month, Renee made her performance debut in her school's talent show.

As the shy, uncertain girl began beating out the rhythm of "Rolling in the Deep," the audience picked up the feeling and the energy, and began tapping their feet and clapping their hands right long with her. As she realized the audience was responding to her music, Renee began to beam and settle comfortably into her performance. 

With help, a floundering child felt the power of a special moment...and began to think that perhaps she could make her dream come true. Once again, the Change a Life Foundation has changed a life.

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