In Memorium:  Jenny Alvarenga 4/24/79 – 12/31/10

Kinship Center Wraparound Director Josie Roemhild speaks about a member of her staff who passed away on December 31, 2010.

“Please take a moment to honor and remember a member of our Kinship Center team.  It was a privilege for all of us in Wraparound who knew her and worked with her on a daily basis and for all others who knew her from working with her in Southern Ca.   The loss of someone who really participated in the mission of Kinship Center has a profound affect on all of us.   From all of us at Wraparound along with our Executive Management Team and our CEO, Carol Biddle, we would like to acknowledge Jenny’s contribution to the Kinship team.  Here are some significant things about her time with us.

Jenny joined Kinship Center on 1/22/08 as a Bilingual Care Coordinator for the Orange County Wraparound Program.  She received her B.A. from the University of Riverside CA in 2007 and came in with prior experience as a Counselor at the Highlander Children Services.  She had worked with boys ages 12-18 specifically and with their therapists, family members, and probation officers.  As a Care Coordinator, Jenny worked with a multitude of families and especially well with the bilingual and bicultural families as she was closely tied to her own El Salvadorian roots.  Jenny was a world traveler who was adventurous and curious.  She worked as a full-time Care Coordinator and pursued her Masters in Counseling which she received in May 2010.  We also shared in her sorrows as she struggled to remain healthy due to a genetic heart disease, the loss of her mother due to the same disease in 2009, followed by Jenny’s own heart transplant surgery & recovery process and return to work in 2010.  Despite all the health scares and hardships, Jenny remained the strong-willed and adventurous spirit that she was.

In our own Wraparound fashion of gathering strengths, these were some of the words that were used to describe Jenny during our Holiday 2010 party:  brave, serene, generous, resilient, kind-hearted, dedicated, and caring.  This was the last group memory we have of Jenny and it was wonderful timing to have been able to share these thoughts with her.

While Jenny was on vacation in Egypt, she passed away of a massive heart attack on Friday, 12/31/10.  Jenny is survived by her older brother, relatives and countless friends. We, at Wraparound, have struggled with this loss since hearing the news but we are now also ready to celebrate Jenny’s life and the lessons that she has taught each of us from this experience.  We will honor her best by living our lives with deep appreciation and zest as Jenny had lived hers.”

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