Kinship Center Receives Most Impactful Grants Award from Change a Life Foundation

 At a January 30, 2012 recognition ceremony by the Orange County-based Change a Life Foundation, Kinship Center was honored with a "Most Impactful Grants in 2011" Award, accepted by Kinship Center Division Director Allison Maxon (r), shown here with Foundation Executive Vice President Lisa Fujimoto. The prestigious award recognizes the impact of Kinship Center's support and advocacy for client families.

The "Change a Life Foundation" was created to help individuals and families who, through no fault of their own, have experienced an injury, illness, or catastrophic life event, and who are suffering financial hardship. Grant awards provide support for critically needed direct services that promote self-sufficiency and improve quality of life. Each year Kinship Center direct service professionals across the state, such as members of the Orange County Wraparound staff, shown here celebrating at the ceremony, submit requests to the Foundation on behalf of clients with extraordinary needs.

“We value our partnership with Kinship Center and are proud to honor your organization for the wonderful work that you do on behalf of your clients,” said Fujimoto. In the past year, the Change a Life Foundation has awarded more than $2 million in grant funds that have impacted 27,000 individuals and families throughout California, according to Fujimoto. Kinship Center has been a participating charity for three years.

Distinguished speaker Shelley Hoss, President of the Orange County Community Foundation, addressed the many nonprofits present, with a reminder that in the critical partnership between charities and funders, it is the charities, not the funders, who make the real impact. “People often think the power of the giving equation is on the side of the donors and funders, but it is really on the side of the nonprofits who do the work,” said Hoss. “It is the heavy lifting you do every day that changes lives, not the grants or the fancy chicken dinners.”

Hoss urged charities to allow their donors and funders to experience their work and their passion. “Every day you are challenged to come alongside people in crisis, to hold their stories, to work on their behalf, and to remain compassionate while being effective,” she said. “You need to let your donors experience the power of what you do and the elation when lives are changed for the better.”

Kinship Center’s Allison Maxon expressed appreciation to Change a Life Foundation for selecting Kinship Center as recipient of the 2011 award. “We are so grateful to you for extending your help through this significant grants program, for sharing the passion of every nonprofit here, and for enabling all of us to advocate for and support so many people.”

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