Kinship Center 2012 Camp K-9 Graduates Kids and Dogs with New Skills!

Bonding, learning and fun for kids and dogs!

A special K-9 camp hosted by Kinship Center's Children's Clinic in  San Luis Obispo County saw its first session of young graduates proudly accept their certificates on July 12 while their parents and staff...and their furry friends...looked on.

In partnership with the Equine Alliance Youth Foundation (who lent their facility), guidance from Linda Hardy, Behaviorist and former Humane Educator for San Luis Obispo County’s Camp P.A.W.S., and generously donated funds from Eberle Winery, the camp provided an opportunity for adoptive and foster children to gain hands-on experience in how to teach dogs the skills needed to be a good pet.

"Camp K-9 traditionally uses rescue dogs that are in need of a family and a home," said Kinship Center Clinician and Camp Coordinator, Jennifer Hudgins. "That really resonates with the kids in our therapeutic programs who participate."

The campers, both human and canines, spent several days learning the basics of pet care and obedience, as children were instructed in how to care for the animals and encourage positive behavior. Using signs and commands the children had their furry partner sit, ‘talk’, and go over an elaborate obstacle course (photo). 

Young graduates were praised for their special effort over the week. Eight-year-old Eli received kudos for his patience with an energetic handful of puppy named Cowboy, and the special care he gave his charge in the hot weather. Together, Eli and Cowboy came a long way, learning respect, obedience, confidence, and responsibility. 

Graduation day was a triumph for two and four-footed campers, as they demonstrated their skills and shared heartfelt hugs.

For information about Kinship Center's programs and services for children in San Luis Obispo County, click here.


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