Wraparound Services in Santa Clara County
Location: 3031 Tisch Way, Suite 306, San Jose, CA 95128

Post-Adoption and Wraparound Program
For children who were adopted through the Santa Clara County foster care system and whose families receive adoption assistance payments (AAP) on behalf of the adopted child.
Phone 408-554-2550
Fax 408-554-4209

Kinship Center offers intensive “Wraparound” services to children and youth at risk of placement in a high-level group home, and to their families. To be eligible for this program, the adopted child must be either 1) at risk of placement in a high-level group home or institution, or 2) presently placed in a group home or institution and is ready to transition home.

The program is the result of a contract with Santa Clara Department of Social Services and is funded by Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) funds from Santa Clara County that otherwise would have paid for residential placement for the child. Each child and family is eligible to participate in the program for 18 months.

The Kinship Center staff who are a part of this program have all received specific adoption related training and are highly qualified to work with the special needs of adoptive children.

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