attachment, trauma, and anger management topicsThe Education Institute is proud to represent a highly acclaimed faculty that is state and nationally recognized for excellence in the field of child welfare. Specialized courses, conferences and workshops can be developed to meet the needs of professionals and parents nationwide.
Carol Biddle
Carol Bishop
Charles Chambers
Margaret Creek
Relindis Lorie Diaz
Valerie Golden
Ron Huxley
Grace Katzenstein
Allison Davis Maxon
Laura Ornelas
Cynthia Roe
Sharon Kaplan Roszia
Debbie Schugg
Del Stewart
Gayle Ward
Graham Wright

Carol Biddle, MSW

Carol is Executive Director and co-founder of Kinship Center. Carol’s career includes four decades in child welfare and children’s mental health. She received her MSW from the University of Georgia.

Carol has guided the development, continuous refinement, and dissemination of ACT since it was introduced in 1993.


Carol Bishop, LMFT

Carol is co-founder and Division Director for Northern California of Kinship Center. She has worked as a social worker, supervisor and administrator since 1965.

Carol trains both professionals and parents, and consults in several areas of agency practice and administration.


Charles Chambers

Charles is a Program Director for Kinship Center's Family Ties program.  Charles has over ten years experience in kinship care support services.

Charles is recognized for his expertise in kin care, human services and Medi-Cal, and speaks statewide on the challenges facing families.


Margaret Creek, LMFT, ATR-BC

Margaret Creek is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board Certified art therapist in Orange County, California.  Margaret uses art to facilitate the therapeutic process in her work with foster and adopted children and their families.

Margaret is an ACT Facilitator, and also conducts trainings and workshops in the areas of art therapy and non-verbal interventions.


Relindis Lorie Diaz, LMFT

Relindis is a Community Based Mental Health Supervisor for Kinship Center. She counsels children of all ages, specializing in diverse families and the birth to five population.

Relindis is a Facilitator of Kinship Center's ACT curriculum. She is an experienced educator of both professionals and parents, and has been an adjunct professor in CSU Fresno’s graduate counseling program.


Valerie Golden, LCSW

Valerie is a Clinical Social Worker for the California Department of Corrections, and also maintains a private practice, working with children and families. Valerie has over 25 years of work experience that includes juvenile institutions, probation, women’s recovery, and child welfare services.

Valerie is a Facilitator of Kinship Center's ACT curriculum. She also presents on multiculturalism and diversity.


Ron Huxley, LMFT

Ron has worked in the children’s mental health field since 1990 as a clinician, educator, writer, and advocate. He is the former Program Director of Kinship Center's Children's Mental Health Clinic in Templeton, CA, and continues to provide training for Kinship Center and Seneca Family of Agencies.

Ron is a Facilitator of Kinship Center's ACT curriculum, and an experienced educator of both professionals and parents. He is the author of the book, “Love and Limits: Achieving a Balance in Parenting,” and has traveled nationally speaking on parenting, attachment, trauma, and anger management topics.


Grace Katzenstein, LCSW

Grace is a Clinical Supervisor at Kinship Center, with over 30 years experience as a therapist and clinical social worker. Her focus for the past several years has been primarily on working with foster and adoptive families.

Grace is an educator for parents and professionals on a variety of topics. She is also a yoga teacher for children, and leads weekly children's yoga groups at Kinship Center.


Allison Davis Maxon, LMFT

Allison is Division Director for Southern California of Kinship Center, and is an educator and therapist. She has a passion for integrating the science of attachment theory into helping families heal.

Allison is a Facilitator of Kinship Center's ACT curriculum. She also develops customized curricula in a broad range of specialized topic areas.


Laura Ornelas, LCSW

Laura Ornelas is a licensed clinical social worker in Los Angeles, California. She designs and oversees children’s mental clinics which specialize in adoptive and relative caregiving families.  Laura trains nationwide and is passionate about early intervention and thinking holistically to meet the needs of diverse families.

Laura is a Facilitator of Kinship Center's ACT curriculum, and an experienced educator of both professionals and parents.


Cynthia Roe, LCSW

Cynthia has worked for over 25 years in foster care and adoption as a social worker, therapist and clinical supervisor. She holds an MSW from the University of Southern California.

Cynthia is Facilitator of Kinship Center's ACT curriculum, and also trains professionals and parents on a local and national basis.


Sharon Kaplan Roszia, MS

Sharon is a nationally and internationally known author, speaker and consultant on adoption and permanency issues. She was formerly Kinship Center’s Emissary for the Education Institute.  She entered the adoption field in 1963, and has received national awards, including Child Advocate of the Year and the Congressional Angel in Adoption.

Sharon is both a co-founder and Facilitator of ACT. Sharon remains a consultant for Kinship Center.


Debbie Schugg

Debbie Schugg is a Family Recruiter and Coach for Kinship Center, and has also worked in Kinship Center’s Adoption and Permanency Wraparound Program as a Lead Family Partner. She is keenly aware of the needs of adoptive families, and is an experienced and engaging trainer of both professionals and families.

Debbie is an ACT Facilitator for Kinship Center, and regularly trains on a variety of topics relating to adoption, permanency and Wraparound. 


Del Stewart, LCSW

Del is the former Regional Executive Director for Mental Health Services and Wraparound at Kinship Center. She is currently in private practice in Orange County, California. Del has  worked with foster and adoptive children and their families in the community for more than 25 years.

Del has been an affiliate professor at local universities and colleges, training and supervising graduate students and interns. She is also an ACT Facilitator for Kinship Center.


Gayle Ward, MA

Gayle is a Senior Social Worker at Kinship Center, with over 30 years of experience in foster care and adoption.

Gayle has been a Facilitator of Kinship Center's ACT curriculum for over ten years. She is also a lead parent educator at Kinship Center, with a focus on supporting parents and children through the challenging stages that come with the making of a new family.


Graham Wright, MSW

Graham is the architect and former Program Director for Kinship Center’s Adoption Wraparound and regional Post Adoption Services programs. Working in child welfare since 1971, he was also president of the California Adoption Agency Association for several years.

Graham has presented statewide on Wraparound, adoption and foster care issues. He is presently working with the Kinship Center Adoption and Foster Care programs, and is pursuing other initiatives on behalf of Kinship Center.


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