Adoption Services in Santa Clara County
Located at 481 North First St., San Jose 95112

Adoption from Foster Care, Conversions, Infant Adoption, Independent Adoption Services, Birth Parent Services

Ph 1-800-4-kinship
FAX 408-554-4209

Adoptive parents are prepared and continually supported through the adoption process. Services provided by Kinship Center include specialized education and preparation for adoptive parents, the appropriate matching of prospective parents with children, individualized services for each child, ongoing professional support including post-adoption counseling and education, regular support groups and the friendship and support of other adoptive families.

Birth parents are provided free counseling services, assistance in exploring options, and ongoing support. If appropriate, birth parents are assisted in selecting an adoptive family and facilitating the adoption.

Information meetings are held monthly at Kinship Center locations throughout California. Click here for a statewide schedule of meetings.

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